Friday, July 24, 2009

A cast iron urn full of french soaps.

Emma outside the store rugged up in her winter woollies; she will kill me if she knows i have put this on my site.......oh well. The store has been still keeping me quite busy, looking at all the stock i will need in the months leading up to Christmas. I seem to do quite a bit of research before i go buying so i know basically what i am up for and certainly what i am needing. I have had a few comments that the store is looking a bit bare but it is winter and with the road works continuing on and on down the road it has slowed things down considerably. Anyway you soldier on and hope that things may improve . I am one to keep a positive face and think ahead. This weekend i am finishing off a few pieces of furniture that i have been working on, but with my eye not being great i have avoided doing that kind of work. Oh well armed with protective glasses and mask maybe it wont hurt.

This lamp is new in store, a lovely iron base with a linen shade.

A shot of the front facade of my store; i hope you like it.


Fabulously french said...

Bonjour, I love the photo of the urn with the soaps. I am hoping to open a little shop so that our guests can buy things to take home with them so I have bought a whole lot of the durance soaps and also bought some lovely printed cotton bags to put them in. Infact I have a few urns very similar and I popped some ivy into one, which looks great.
I will email you re our accommodation.

Bon weekend,


ps wish it was cold here, it is a little to warm at present :-)

Fabulously french said...

Hi again, cannot find your email address can you let me know what it is and I will email you.



erin said...

hello, from tennessee! love your blog and i would certainly shop at your lovely store if i were closer! love that misty photo of the countryside! all the best! erin