Monday, July 13, 2009

On a thin rope work by Michael Mcwilliams

Mary heading up to feed the chooks, work by Michael McWilliams

Ikeys Frustrations work by Michael McWilliams

Pammy up close work by Michael McWilliams

Here are some more works by my brother Michael McWilliams. His exhibition was a huge success, selling out in only a matter of hours. Congratulations to him, i am so so proud of him and his work.


Lynette said...

No wonder you are proud your brother is very talented Love the one of the sheep Pammy up close.
Lynette :)

Juju said...

These are sooo lovely. They almost transport the viewer.

common ground said...

I totally agree. Your brother is so very talented, as are you. The sheep painting is my absolute favorite, as I'm so very taken with lambs and sheep. Thankyou for sharing his work.