Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ikey and Native Hens 2003 works by Michael McWilliams

Three in a Row 2007 works by Michael McWilliams

Aqua Roo 2007 works by Michael McWilliams

The Hayjackers 2007 works by Michael McWilliams

These are a selection of paintings by an artist that i adore; his work not only displays his immense talent and eye for detail but also his love of nature; giving us the opportunity to see it through his eyes. His work also releases an inner satire and humour that the artist obviously enjoys for us to see. Mcwilliams has been painting for many years and is managed by Lauraine Diggins in Melbourne where he has exhibits in her gallery every second year. His recent exhibition is coming up running from opening night on July the 10th to the 4 th of August at Bett Gallery at 369 Elizabeth St North Hobart Tasmania; and if you want to see more explore website: www.bettgallery.com.au.
I have a particular interest in this artist because not only is he unbelievably talented but he is also my brother.... Please do not use these photos on other blogs or web sites Thankyou.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

They are beautiful! What a talented family. I love his sense of whimsy combined with the realism of the works. Thank you for sharing them. xx

Magdalena said...

I really like you blog, and I would like to see more of art but also of your butique,
Best wishes
Magdalena at Color Sepia

ness lockyer said...

I remember his work from The Glover. Awesome...and your Brother!!
I love the fact that in his paintings there is always something else to see each time, things you might not have noticed the first time...brilliant.
Ness xx