Sunday, June 21, 2009

These photos feature in my favourite book ever called 'A French Country Home' by Jocelyne Sibuet, the Martha Stewart of France. Her style exudes french simplicity at its finest with impeccable charm and refinement. Jocelyne attention for detail is not lost in any of the rooms at her French guest house in Provence. The combination of soft muted tones and textural contrasts is only accented by the appointment of beautiful french antiques which have been carefully selected for each individual area. The thing about her style that really becomes apparent in this book is that the rooms are all timeless; they are classical yet elegant, opulent but still very comfortable. I hope you enjoy these few photos as much as i do and if you are still intrigued then pop out and buy the book. You wont regret it. While we are on purchasing interior books i will express how sad i am that blogging is becoming the demise of many magazines. I would hate to see this be the end of certain mags so please get out there and buy your mag each week and reserve that time for a cuppa and a read of your favourite magazine, don't let computers completely take over.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

That looks like a lovely bookaand I'll keep my eye out for my collection. I still buy my favourite magazines! I am sad to see so many in America fold but I support magazines and always will! x

Fabulously french said...

I have not bought the book but have been fortunate enough to stay at a few of their properties in France. They are all divine- her attention to detail is 2nd to none.

This is their website should you want to see some more of their properties.

Bonne semaine,


Juju said...

What gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing. I adore the stone wall in the first one.