Friday, June 19, 2009

Our shelves are full of a good selection of Durance from France and also Est from Australia. Both products sell really well.

The tripods in the front are great for the garden; climbing a clematis or delicate plant around.

The rattan placemats are always a great seller in store; not only are they used for the dining table at meal times but they also make a great platter tray when you are entertaining with guests with some cheeses grapes and lovely crackers. The food covers are also handy expecially in the summer months

The recycled shelf would be handy in any kitchen or bathroom. Imagine storage baskets holding things that you didn't want everyone to see.

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common ground said...

I just found your blog. Your store and photos are "perfection"! Thankyou for sharing. I live in the middle of the US, but you transported me there. Come by for a visit in the Missouri "aux arcs".
Blessings, Debra