Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Handmade jars and baskets.

Yesterday i received these recycled glass table hurricanes; which look equally as good indoors or out. The glass is so thick and they just have a lovely appeal about them. Already they are selling.
These handwoven baskets are also a treat; great for storage of any kind.
These are the mini tea light holders which have a beeswax candle in them; so cute.
The laundry or storage basket in the back ground and the carry utility basket in front. Both very durable and useful. Stay tuned for more stock about to arrive tomorrow.


Karin said...

I love the baskets, they are great!

Siljo said...

Sorry mijn engels is niet zo goed
maar je hebt een super mooi blog!
Waar ik met zeer veel plezier op rond neus !!!
Ga zo door!!
Geniet van de mooie dag !!
Lieve groetjes Joke

Anonymous said...

I love your shop and all the beautiful products you sell. I have decided that when I turn 50 September 2012 (aaaargh) that my husband is taking me to Tasmania, to your shop to buy whatever I want!!!! Don't you think that would be a nice week away? Especially since it is our school holiday time...Kind regards, Ann