Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My camera is back...

I am absolutely loving having my camera back; but i wont speak too soon as some of these shots are not the best. Anyway it gives you a bit of a sneak peak at a few new things that have drifted into store this week. The mason hurricanes are so cute for a small candle; candles and candle holders sell so much better in winter at The Vintage Rose, as we are spending more time indoors and it makes us feel maybe warm. I don't know, that's my theory anyway.
Some gorgeous string, lovely quality and colours.
Our gorgeous European style pottery.....big urns, jugs, bowls etc. Cant you imagine this sitting in some beautiful Georgian conservatory.
Some french cabbage coasters which sell for only $25 a set of 4.
A comfy seat for those guys that dare not venture in just in case they are asked to open their wallets. Oh well most of them come in to the warm fire. Take care and see you soon. Amanda


Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Just love the European pots, shape, colour everything.

Is there any news on the glass charms containing paper you showed sometime ago ?

Tammy at The Drill Hall Emporium said...

Wonderful use of your camera back in action! Your new pieces in store are looking great. I love the hurricane lamps, you can never have enough glassware, can you? Have a great end of week and weekend, Tammy

KarenSue said...

Oh my! I think I would love your shop!

chrisartist said...

How lovely to have a fire in your store.
New items look great