Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful Gardens.....

Yesterday i went to my brothers open garden with a couple of friends, featured in the above photo. It was a beautiful day, very inspiring.......i thought i would share some photos.
A old gate leading to another section of the garden.

The potting shed with the rose "Kookaburra."

Looking across towards the potting shed....simply beautiful.

At the back of the convicts barn...beautiful vistas and backdrops full of interesting antique urns
and other architectural features. At the end of our visit we stopped by Katherines garden featured in the first photo.....her and her husband have created the most amazing garden in such a short time. It was full of recycled and sustainable ideas amongst a beautiful array of plantings that would more than excite any avid amazing.

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Agneta said...

Oh la la & Mama Mia, I just love your free spirit blog!!

Agneta, a swedish one ;)