Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things are getting a little fresh

As i hopped out of bed this morning i could definitely feel that cool nip in the air to let me know Autumn has now arrived. I have had such a busy week at the shop unpacking more stock and invoicing and pricing; i can tell you its not a five minute job. Things get quite hectic so i apologise for not posting very often because to be honest i just haven't had a spare moment. After unpacking over 20 boxes on Friday i am pleased to announce the marble pears are now back in store but like before probably not for long. I have also received some wonderful hand carved wooden bowls and some marble dishes in smaller sizes and larger sizes. Its so nice to receive such positive feed back from my customers about what i am buying its just so hard keeping the store unique from everyone else.....this is and will continue to be my biggest problem in the business. However i tend not to let things beat me and just soldier on trying to supply new and exciting things for my customers to enjoy.


Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Things in your shop are looking great!! Love the marble pears, I seem to have a thing about fruit, will have to watch myself. I was hoping to come up over the weekend but my son came down with the flu. So hopefully won't be too long until I darken the door. Enjoy your week.
Take care.

Fabulously french said...

Bonjour Amanda, Love the pears and jnow what you mean having different things. It is quite time consuming seraching for suppliers who have really gorgeous things that no-one else has.

It is finally warming up here....

Enjoy the cosy season.

Leeann x

Julienne said...

I know it's difficult to be original and different but ohhh how important! I will travel miles to find the store that thinks....even if I don't happen to like what they stock I love being somewhere that shows the owners personality and I really appreciate it so keep soldiering on!!!

Juls Dines said...

What a delight your shop was! I had the pleasure of visiting your charming city from Geraldton WA for the first time last month & wish I too could live in Tassie. I loved the Cathy Penton charms & purchased some as a memento of a lovely holiday.

Kom Achterom said...

What a verry nice site!
I love it.
i will follow your blog
have a nice day

Sue said...

I wish you were closer!!!!

wendy said...

I love your stock....and your pears are is so refreshing to find a shop that is unique and has stock that no one else has....i think we all are searching for this now with all the shopping malls seeming to be all the same (yes even here in New Zealand) find that shop that is a one off truly makes your day and is one you will continue to visit often....thank you for allowing us to visit even if we live miles away...hopefully one day you will have an online shop....have a great week!!!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Yes I agree, i find it harder and harder to source stock for my online store. At least with antique and vintage it is mostly unique but difficult to keep a consistant quality. Still, I wouldnt do it if I didnt love it!

seasons of my house said...

I came here true another blogger, Great pears, to bad your shop isn't around the corner :o) But this way I can have a peak inside! I'll be back.

Patty said...

I totally thought those pears were real for a moment there ;) thanks for posting!