Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well i survived.....

Some of our Christmas food we had to put in the bath in the barn as there was not enough fridge room......i think there is a first time for everything. It was a fantastic day but once again far too much food it think we had enough to feed an army. Oh well 4 pounds later i still have a smile on my face. Must try and do some walking at the beach to bring it off.
Just look at our sweet table.....omg.

Everyone sizing up their seating positions.....cameras are out. Look at little Ziggy isn't he cute.

Boys trying to pretend they are busy.....he he not a chance.

I will post some more shots in the next couple of days. Off to the races on New Year Day.....more eating no doubt. Oh well what more can i say Happy New Years Everyone and thank you so much for all your support in 2009. Travel safely and enjoy the holidays with your family.

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MelsRosePlace said...

Oooh what a day...it looks absolutely fabulous, the food, the table, the decor and of course the family. I did love grandfather (or whoever he is) in his suit and tie...then i realised you are in Tassie so maybe its needed! Usually boiling here in QLD on xmas day ! take care, Mel xxx