Monday, November 14, 2011

more goodies for gift ideas

This gorgeous book by Chirstina Strutt called "The Guide to natural housekeeping" , is now back in stock. This book would make a lovely a gift for anyone interested in natural ways to clean and care for your home.
Lots of goodies in this pantry cupboard.
A pair of wooden lamps with linen shades....everyone can do with a pair of lamps like these.
A bedside clock to remind you of what time you should be getting out of bed!
And lastly a good variety of decorations, ribbons and tags for gifts or something to add to our tired collections. Take care. x


Vita Huset said...

Beautiful, i love your store.

donna baker said...

Thank you for letting me glimpse Tasmania through your blog. I shall never gt there, so I do love getting to see it through your eyes.

oldthings said...

Dear Vintage Rose,
From little Greece congratulations!
These photografs are wonderful!!