Friday, January 28, 2011

Home for a change

Its nice when you are away and return home inspired to re-think and re-change things in the home. Maybe a new flea market rug for the hall like in the picture above .
Shuffling furniture around for some women is a bit like a holiday in itself......
A selection of jars with all sorts of collections makes for an interesting display. Note the Marley and Lockyer tag in this photo.......go Ness.
A new home for the bird cages
A view looking across the table to our kitchen....excuse the mess.


Ness Lockyer said...

What mess?! Your home always looks beautiful. Love the tag ;0)
Those skittles you have on the table are so lovely. Nice to hear you had a relaxing time away and time to potter around your house too.
Ness xx

Frøken Anker said...

What nice home, you have.
Take a look at

have a nice day

Robyn said...

So VERY beautiful and welcoming! Your home would make me feel like curling up with a cup of coffee and chatting...that's my favorite feeling for a home! (p.s. I love "shopping" my house too!)

rhr-ozgrkdn said...

I love vintage objects.And white,gray,sand:))Have a nice day:)) From Izmir:))