Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too busy to post

Sorry for my lack of posting. It seems that i am doing a lot of saying sorry lately; and the truth is i have been too busy to even do a post. I guess you are all wondering why....well we had our renovation makeover to our store which took two of us 4 days. Then we released all our new stock and the store is now humming again. "The Winters Evening" was a great night. Around 50 people came and went between the hours of 4pm and 7.30. I was so pleased, and so proud of Chloe and her boyfriend who did all the catering; the food was absolutely delicious. They are opening their own cafe in October sometime, and they are calling it At Delicious. Anyway more of that later. I will post some photos of the new look store in the next few days so you can see all the changes. The photos you can see are from the blog spot Greige such a lovely site. Don't you love the lighting in the above photo old crates used as light shades. I love anything that is reused for other practical uses.
What a lovely relaxing room...

A very practical and useful utility room; just gorgeous.

We have a tin bath exactly the same in our barn sitting on brick flooring; once again recycling old products to make a new look. Look how they have used an old plank of wood to sit across the bath to accomodate items they may need in the bath; great idea.

Check out the size of these doors and this gorgeous room.....luxurious and spacious.


Christina @ greige and My Sparrow said...

Those are some of my favorites! Have a lovely weekend!


chair up said...

Life does get super busy at times. I think you've done well to get this post up after hearing all that's been going on in your life!
Beautiful images. Greige is one of my favourite blogs.