Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some gorgeous shots

I love this photo with the black accents. Depending on the room and its size black accents really bring the room to life. I love the lighting over the table and how the kitchen opens onto the dining room...great for entertaining, as you can still talk to people when preparing food.

Eating outdoors is my favourite form of entertaining; especially when smaller children are the special guests.
I would love to cover a chair in a vintage grain sack....this chair looks fantastic.

The hall always sets the scene for the rest of the house. This hall has a signature of its owners it.


Fabulously french said...

Bonjour Amanda, I also love the first photo. I adore the colour black and have used a bit here @ maison No.20.

Think that it adds a certain "something" to what can sometimes be a plain interior!

A tres bientot,

Leeann x

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,
I agree with Leeann and think the black in the first picture is stunning. Love everything about it too. The other pictures are beautiful too and I have the magazines that they are from. From the American 'Country Homes'....boy after still a year I so miss this magazine. It was my all time favourite and I would by-pass all the other magazines to get this one!! Hope you are having a great start to the week.
Take care

Pamela said...

I love the black also, especially the chairs.
Thanks Janine for mentioning American 'Country Homes'....I have a pile of old copies and it must be time I went through them again.

Chrissy said...

Hi there!! Love these photos,that burlap chair is to die for!! All the best,Chrissy

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Love everything! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I
need to find a way to incorporate
black in my condo living area!
As always, love your blog!